Sing with me!

I use the techniques of singing, songwriting, meditation, and whatever else we need to help you find your truest voice. Through voice instruction within a spiritual framework I can help you –whether in person or via skype– to work to unify body and spirit. Finding the power in our physical voice nurtures our spirits. And nurturing our spirit helps us find the voice that can truly inspire and connect with others.

I specialize in working with leaders who want to strengthen their voices to bring others into worship, song, celebration, and learning.

My innovative approach to voice and songwriting empowers people to use singing as a source of healing and wholeness in their lives and the lives of those they serve. Together we find and sing the songs that will bring you the most healing and wholeness in this very moment.

I work with students worldwide via Skype or in person in my studio in Jerusalem. My standard rate is $100 per session or $250 for a package of three.

If you are ready to find your most authentic voice, I welcome your inquiry!


In addition to one-on-one work, my approach has also proven powerful in the context of workshops and classes. Click here to watch a video of a workshop. Or check out my scholar-in-residence offerings.

Contact me if you are interested in bringing a workshop or class to your community. Past offerings include:

January 2014 — “Writing our own freedom songs” at the Jewish Community of Amherst
December 2012 — “The Blessing of a Wrenched Hip: Bringing Torah to Life with Singing and Songwriting” at Fabrangen.
August 2012 — “Lament and joy: doing spiritual reflection through song with the mentally ill” at a CPE day. Watch the video.
Spring 2012 — “Finding Our Songs” at Country Meadows retirement community.
November/December 2011 – “Shir Hadash: Singing New Songs for Healing and Recovery” at Kesher Zion Synagogue in Reading, PA.
November 2011 — “Singing Ourselves Whole” with hospice workers at the Circle of Life Coalition conference.
August 2011 – “Lift Your Voice Like a Shofar: Strengthening your voice and making prayer leading a spiritual practice” at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College.
Summer/Fall 2011 – “Finding Your Song” at the Wernersville State Hospital
March 2011 – “Voice as Mincha/Offering” at Hebrew College
February 2011 — “Voice and Spirituality” at Yoga Inlet, West Reading, PA
Summer 2008 – “Listening for the Voice of the Beloved” at the BIMA program for high school students at Brandeis University
Summer 2007 – “Voice of Torah/Torah of Voice” at the National Havurah Committee’s Summer Institute