“Face to Face” — with Fabrangen!

Struggle. Being face to face with what scares us. Can blessing come from that place?

That’s where our work together began on the Shabbat morning that I was blessed to be with Fabrangen. During our discussion of the Torah portion, we talked about Jacob’s fear at the prospect of reuniting with his brother after decades of estrangement. I shared the chorus of the unfinished song I had brought for us to work on together. And we talked too about some of the struggles we face in our own everyday lives. Could we, we wondered together, move beyond the many platitudes about struggle — like “No pain, no gain,” or “They say God never gives you more than you can handle” — and find a deeper truth?

And then, that evening, we took up our wondering again, this time bringing to it the tools of singing and songwriting. We learned and shared more about what it means to struggle and what it means to face what we fear. Though the blank page can itself be daunting, many people shared what had emerged for them. Here’s a version of the song we unearthed:

I am deeply grateful for the chance to be with Fabrangen and to witness the courageous diving-in that folks were able to engage with. May this song be one you carry with you as you face this day and every day.

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