Choosing freedom

As we celebrate the festival of Pesach/Passover, in which we reenact the journey from slavery to freedom, I offer this new song. I wrote it with the residents of an assisted living facility and a hospital for people facing severe mental illness. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Jill Bolte Taylor teaches that every [...]

Find it, burn it, turn it into nothin’

The audience at my recent concert at Hebrew College was a voicefinder’s dream: they brought their own voices and their own wholehearted readiness to join me in singing ourselves from narrowness into open possibility. Here’s a song I shared in honor of shifting into high gear in preparing for Passover — the reenactment of our [...]

You’re shining and I can see you

Basking in the glow of support from my 123 Kickstarter backers.  All I can do is smile and offer this chorus of gratitude: (a wee bit of Shawn Colvin’s “Diamond in the Rough” as sung into my iPhone in a luxuriously reverberant stairway)