I am a voice-finder.

…a rabbi, songwriter, and singer who helps people find their truest voices and their most authentic songs for the sake of unleashing more strength and healing into our own lives and into the world. I am compelled in this work by the cry of the Song of Songs, “Hashmi’ini! Let me hear YOU!” I believe that every voice deserves to be heard and that every one of us has songs that need to be sung.

Many of us have been told to be quiet, told that we can’t or shouldn’t sing. Do you have a story like that? I know I do.

(Mine was a junior high school music teacher who used to tell me to shut up so he could hear the other sopranos.  Yours?)

Are you, right now, stuck with endless loops in your head saying “can’t” and “shouldn’t” and “don’t even think about it?” Did you lose your birth-given connection with the source of creativity long ago? Or are you ready to truly sing out and bring your whole self to the world but just don’t know how? We have lost not only our physical voices and our songs to be sung, but all that voice and song can mean more broadly: our power and our purpose in life, and our ability to cry out in pain and ultimately in joy.

Singing with me can set you free from all of those voices of “can’t” and “shouldn’t” and allow you to tune in to the still, small voice deep inside that whispers, “Let me hear you” and always will.

So, let me hear you.

Together we can move from silence into song.