Juvenilia or gems of my younger days?

I’ve reissued “Wherever I’ve come from, wherever I go” which was first released in 1995. It’s got 10 original songs that were all recorded in live takes. Yup, that first album required a whole eight hours of studio time. My last album? [mumble mumble]…many many more hours than that!

I do know folks who still play the cassette tape in their car and the CDs sold out well over a decade ago. But I’m so excited that it’s come back to life in brand new downloadable form! I’ve been enjoying revisiting these ideas, images, and sounds from a younger me.

For me, listening to these songs now is a bit like reading journals from the same time period. I feel a bit sad for that young woman, but I’m awfully fond of her too.

So whether you’ve been waiting for this for years or you’re simply curious to hear a dose of just me, my guitar and four different songs about the same boy (plus some sailing songs thrown in for good measure), here it is!

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