A song for stormy travel

One of the true joys of songwriting as a medium is its portability. Not only can our songs go wherever we go, but they can also be written (or at least started) even when you’re in no position to actually write anything.

“This road is icy, the going is slow…” is not written while imagining driving in a snow storm; it is written while actually driving in an actual snow storm.

Song happens in the moment.

So, since this winter full of snowy moments is reminding me of another stormy winter twenty years ago, I thought I’d share with you a song (from my soon-to-be-reissued first album) that started on a long drive on a very snowy road. It was, as the title suggests, the winter’s thirteenth storm and I was a twenty year old learning what it means to be a fool for love. I wish I could report that as a professional songwriter I was “driving on a closed course.”

I am highly supportive of the practice of “making fools of ourselves” in service of what truly matters. I am also thankful that, in this case, my foolishness didn’t result in any injuries, other than the inevitable collisions of the heart.

Stay safe, everybody, and enjoy “13th Storm.”

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