Ever wondered along with singers, rabbis, artists, teachers, healers through the ages…

…what exactly is it that people are paying us for? How can we both put food on the table and allow that which is never ours to flow through us freely (whether it’s art, Torah, or healing). In the Jewish tradition, there is a great concern about “turning Torah into a spade for digging.”  In this interview, Tara Gentile and I talk voice-finding and creative business building in advance of her amazing “Art of Earning LIVE” event in Philly this past February.

In my own work, I’m more and more curious about how I think about money (the money I give/spend and the money I receive). Might singing and money have some common ground? As you can hear in the interview, Tara dove right in and helped me think about how money, just like singing, might be something that can create a healing (rather than a harming) connection between people. I think the biggest piece of wisdom that we surfaced in our conversation was about the fallacy (I would even call it idolatry) of thinking of ourselves in terms of what we are worth.

Attending the Art of Earning LIVE with Tara was one way for me to connect with other thinkers and artists and creative entrepreneurs.  I’m excited to go into greater depth about all of these issues and to explore how I might grow my own work in the world in ways that are in integrity with my own values and truths.

Talking with Tara left me with my heart jumping up and down, delightedly anticipating all the wonderful travelers I know I will continue to meet on this journey.  Could one of them be you?