These words, decades on, are still feeding me

Ever since I was a little girl, writing songs has been a way to deeply play in the world, to uplift the ordinary, and most importantly, to be able to carry in my head and heart the images and inspirations that were most dear to me. “These Are the Words” tells one version of the origins of songwriting in my life:

I love being able to offer my own songs and help others find their voices as well.

And it is a true blessing to be able to share this process in songwriting workshops, gathering the voices and stories in the room and weaving them together in songs of gifts and blessings, songs of freedom, or songs of lament.

May your exploration of this site help you discover more and more ways to add your own voice to the weave of creation.

The textual basis of the song: “These Are the Words” was written as a final assignment for the class I took on the Book of Deuteronomy (which begins with the words “These are the words…”) in my last year of rabbinical school. All semester we looked at Deuteronomy as the words that Moses wanted to leave to the people who were about to journey on without him. To do this, Deuteronomy retells previously told stories seemingly for the purpose of imparting some kind of lesson and giving us something to carry with us. Our wonderful teacher, Dr. Judith Kates, told us to look back at our time in rabbinical school and retell the story of that journey “Deuteronomically.” It was this prompting that took me even further back to tell an origin story about songwriting itself and its healing and transformative role in my life.

What helps you carry your Torah, your truth in your heart?


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