Find it, burn it, turn it into nothin’

The audience at my recent concert at Hebrew College was a voicefinder’s dream: they brought their own voices and their own wholehearted readiness to join me in singing ourselves from narrowness into open possibility. Here’s a song I shared in honor of shifting into high gear in preparing for Passover — the reenactment of our liberation from the Narrow Places. “Chametz” literally refers to all the leavened bread (and its ilk) that we refrain from eating on Passover. But for anyone getting ready for the holiday it can mean oh-so-much more.

Have a listen to The Chametz Song!

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It’s singable enough for all ages, yet grown-up enough to say what I really want to say:

Chametz is the stuff, that makes us feel all puffed up
I feel different from you, when I’ve got that chametz-view

So I’m gonna find it (find it)
Burn it (burn it)
Turn it into nothing (nothin’!)

Pride and shame, at their heart they are the same
They may be different in tone, but they both make me feel alone

I want to be free, I wanna be loved just for being me
Chametz-free, yes it’s true, also helps me love you for being you!


If you listen closely, you can hear my parents singing back-up. Enjoy!