Choosing freedom

As we celebrate the festival of Pesach/Passover, in which we reenact the journey from slavery to freedom, I offer this new song. I wrote it with the residents of an assisted living facility and a hospital for people facing severe mental illness.

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Jill Bolte Taylor teaches that every one of us has the ability to choose to cultivate wholeness in our minds…if we are willing to make that choice 1,000 times every day. Inspired by this teaching, I asked the folks at the assisted living and at the hospital to share with the group one thing that reminds them that peace and wholeness are possible. They shared some amazing and touching images, memories, and practices which you can hear in the song’s verses.

At our Passover seders, we remember and retell experiences of stuck-ness and liberation: our own and those of our people. Working with the students in my “Finding Our Songs” class, people who have lost so much and have such songs to sing, is a humbling and uplifting reminder of the strength each of us has to choose to believe in Infinite Possibility right in the moment — even when our larger choices about life may be quite limited.