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Wake up, Jonah!

On the afternoon of Yom Kippur, right around hour 21 of a 25 hour fast, just as the deckhand of my body would like to crawl down below and nap until the stars come out, I hear the Captain crying, “How can you sleep in this raging storm! Get up and cry out to your [...]

Deep cries out to Deep

(This is the first in a series of posts that dig deeper into the songs on my latest album “at the edge of the unknown.” Each “Digging Deeper” post will feature the song itself and commentary linking it in one way or another to its roots in Torah and to its potential for use in [...]

The truth of the night

In the Jewish world, our preparations for the New Year are intensifying. Late on Saturday night, Ashkenazi Jewish communities gather to sing a special set of poems and prayers called selihot (literally meaning “forgivenesses”). And in the Mizrahi Jewish world, folks have been gathering in the wee hours of the morning to recite selihot all [...]