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My songwriting dream come true

There I sat in a darkened theater, listening to one of my favorite singer-songwriters up on the stage. His music had been nourishing to me over the years and had taught me plenty about the craft of songwriting. So my reaction surprised me. Instead of getting lost in the worlds and the ideas that he [...]

The gifts you bring

This weekend, Jewish communities the world over celebrated Shavuot — the festival celebrating the giving and receiving of Torah. In the liturgy we use as we count the Omer — marking the fifty day journey from Pesach to Shavuot, and from liberation to revelation — we are called upon to come before God at the [...]

Eagle When She Flies

Sometimes creating a rabbinate, or a life for that matter, is about finding Torah (wisdom, guidance, Truth) wherever we can. In Dolly Parton’s “Eagle When She Flies” I hear the deep reminder that being our truest selves means knowing our weaknesses just as well as we know our strengths and being willing to teach and [...]