I’ve added my voice to the weave of creation — ready to add yours?

"at the edge of the unknown" cover by Megan EckmanWhether facing frightening uncertainty or amazingly unlimited possibility, to be human is to stand “at the edge of the unknown.” And that edge is also where all our creative energy comes from. I yearn to be the one to walk there with you and empower you to lead from that place as well. Have a listen and hear what I mean:

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So, now you’ve heard it, the centerpiece of my newest album, “at the edge of the unknown.” On it I bring together twelve songs of loving, longing, and wholehearted living and I do believe this is my best Torah to date — the fullest expression of my song-offering to the world.

“At the edge of the unknown” includes the voices of a community chorus I helped bring together as well as song written in collaboration with residents of an assisted living facility and folks facing severe mental illness. The songs are mostly in English, plus some Hebrew, and just a touch of Aramaic.

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My mission is to use my truest voice to bring other voices into song.

Ready to find the songs that can carry you?